The most common question we're asked as a Wenco employee is "what do you do?" And from most of us, you'll get smile followed by an answer that is related to the job function of she or he who is asked. You see, this company does a lot more than just fleet management systems (FMS). Yes, FMS is the building block that everything else springs from, but if you ask a developer what they do, you're likely to get an answer like dispatching services or maintenance, or high-precision shovel applications. If you ask a tester, they'll gladly tell you their sole purpose is to see if they can break something development made. The hardware folks will tell you about their adventures in remote locations in extreme situations placing the physical elements of Wenco's system on the equipment. Marketing will tell you about trade shows they've attended and the most recent project about to be released. We all love to talk about what we do for this company, but it rarely answers the asker's initial question, directly. The simple answer is FMS for surface mines of all sizes. The more complex answer is really another question. "What can we do to maximize the production, efficiency, and safety of your mine?"Without going into a full-blown sales pitch, we do so much in a wide scope for a very specific market, and it there's something you need for your mine that we don't make, there is a way to get that started, too. A Fleet Management System (FMS) for a mine site is a suite of specialized software running on ruggedized hardware. Using GPS and a wireless radio network, the FMS tracks and monitors production, maintenance, and safety in your mine.The graphic below shows how a typical FMS works. At the top we have the control centre, connected to the wireless network and a GPS satellite network. The wireless network sends signals to your equipment, which is fitted with onboard computers. The equipment sends back data including location, payload, ore quality, cost codes, etc. Seems simple, right? Have a look around the site to see some of the other things we offer.

Mining Fleet Management Systems