When dispatching, mines have different priorities. While some sites strive to keep their shovel use balanced, others just want to reduce equipment wait times. Regardless of these preferences, every site wants a consistent grade of ore delivered to the plant as efficiently as possible.

The Wenco Dispatching Service can handle these preferences and more, especially when receiving data from third-party systems that mines run onsite. Our service gains a great deal of functionality when integrated with crusher control systems, such as CitectSCADA.

Through our Data Exchange Service, third-party systems are able to share data with the Wenco system in real time. In the case of crusher control systems, the Wenco Dispatching Service can receive up-to-the-second information about crusher bin levels, throughput rates, and operational status. With this shared data, our system knows which crusher bin needs material the most to maintain a steady flow to the plant. This information lets our system update truck assignments accordingly so they always go to the right bin.

Image of truck dumping in crusher

For example, let's say a truck is hauling material to the crushers, all of which are processing material at an even rate. Based on bin levels and feed rates, the Wenco Dispatching Service has assigned the truck to dump at Crusher 1. But, as the truck approaches, Crusher 1 encounters a problem; a large rock has become lodged, sending the crusher into a delay status. Unaffected, the other crushers are still working fine. By connecting to the crusher control system, the Wenco system knows the instant Crusher 1 changes its status. Using the shared data, the Wenco Dispatching Service updates the truck's assignment and sends it to dump at Crusher 3 instead.

This functionality is especially useful for reducing idle times at crushers. By updating the Wenco system with delay status, no truck sits idle as its assigned crusher deals with a problem. Trucks can easily switch to any crusher ready to process their payloads.

Integration with crusher control systems is just one way that Wenco's open architecture can benefit mines. Combining this third-party data with our service's expert handling of material blends, we can keep the haul cycle flowing efficiently.