Wenco's Vice-President of Research and Development sat down with Hitachi America last month for an in-depth discussion around challenges and opportunities to uncover more value from mine systems data.

Mines are constantly challenged to find new ways to improve performance using the massive amounts of data already being collected. Historically, the immense amounts of production, maintenance, and geospatial information required data scientists to extract insight for reduced costs and improved efficiencies. Now, mining technology has advanced to the point that many operations can easily analyze this data themselves. Additionally, several advancements in the analysis of OEM equipment sensor data now offer mines the opportunity to improve equipment availability, decrease unplanned downtime, and lower component costs.

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Hitachi) and Wenco International Mining Systems (Wenco) are addressing these challenges together by bringing digital transformation to the mining industry. Innovative individual and end-to-end solutions are making it possible to collect data from some of the remotest locations on earth and quickly turn it into actionable analytics.

"The complexity of connecting massive amounts of geospatial data to other data points in the mine for scheduling, production, maintenance, and so on has limited mines in the past from pursuing more complex solutions," says Noble. "By reducing or removing complexity around handling the data itself, users can become more productive and spend more time using the data versus analyzing it."

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