End downtime sooner

When Maintenance Monitor detects a down unit, it creates a new record in its maintenance activity database. As your crew perform the required repair and upkeep, they use Maintenance Monitor to track every parameter related to the process. With this depth of control, you never need to wonder about maintenance progress stalling or running longer than anticipated.

Any time your equipment spends out of production, your operational performance suffers. Maintenance Monitor ensures those periods of downtime remain as short as possible.

Track Maintenance – From Down to Done

Maintenance Monitor records all statuses, actions, affected components, causes of failure, and other details pertaining to your down equipment. Use this data to follow repair progress until your units return to production.

Inventory, Managed

The inventory system included with Maintenance Monitor keeps track of your essential machine components. Observe remaining stock and forecast its usage to manage your maintenance supply chain.

Fleet Management Integrated

Maintenance Monitor seamlessly integrates with the Wenco Fleet Management System. Data sharing between applications allows you to take full advantage of every second of available uptime.

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