Keep Equipment in Production Longer

Track the condition of any component inside your trucks, shovels, or auxiliary units — all without taking them out of production.

As your equipment works, ReadyLine draws data from your onboard systems to give you a serious edge on equipment performance. Suddenly, it’s easy to tell… What conditions are causing those trucks to overheat? Does that dozer need an oil change now (or can it wait until next shift)? Which excavator has a powertrain that needs more attention?

With ReadyLine, mines finally have the power to stop unplanned downtime and drops in machine performance before they ever start.

Monitor Sensor Data and Alerts

Worried about potential engine component failures? Brake component failures that create safety risks? ReadyLine unearths the hidden data from Hitachi, Caterpillar, Komatsu, or other vendors, letting you create your own virtual component sensors and alarms. Now, you can follow your components’ condition and plan maintenance to increase operational life and improve safety.

Predict Condition, Prevent Failures

ReadyLine helps you get ahead of unplanned downtime events and catastrophic failures, identifying subtle changes in equipment performance long before problems occur. Real-time analytics give you the power to take preventive action and eliminate the costly burden and stress of unplanned downtime events.

More Insight from Your Data

ReadyLine data can also be integrated with Hitachi Lumada and other IoT / machine learning platforms for deeper data analysis that enables prescriptive maintenance capabilities across multiple mines and locations. Sending on-site data into the cloud allows in-depth analysis across multiple mines and long-term trending that scales through your entire enterprise.

ReadyLine Maintenance Solutions and Services

ReadyLine offers a family of maintenance solutions and services to help customers migrate from the stress of reactive maintenance to a progression of proactive, predictive, and prescriptive maintenance capabilities.

ReadyLine PROACTIVE Maintenance Services

ReadyLine maintenance consulting experts from Wenco and our partners can help you analyze equipment data, maintenance records, and other details to optimize maintenance processes and practices. ReadyLine implementation planning support services help customers even before ReadyLine is installed. These services include planning optimization, lean maintenance, workflow and alarms processes, ISO 55000 readiness, and more.

ReadyLine PREDICTIVE Maintenance Solutions

Using a combination of ReadyLine OEM sensor monitoring software, business intelligence tools, and third-party systems, ReadyLine predictive solutions experts create predictive maintenance capabilities that put you in control of maintenance planning. These solutions include: asset health condition monitoring, safety conditions monitoring, and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA).

ReadyLine PRESCRIPTIVE Maintenance

Connecting with Hitachi Lumada or other enterprise-wide machine learning and AI platforms, ReadyLine uses data cleansing to create valuable context required for platforms to use mine data effectively. Your ReadyLine solutions team will help you prepare to realize even more value from your data — working with partners and conducting in-depth analysis across multiple mines for long-term trending and solutions that reduce costs, increase production, improve quality, and boost safety across your entire enterprise.

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