Tire condition, moment by moment

TireMax empowers you to manage inventory and condition for your entire stock of ultra-class tires. This tire management system allows maintenance crews to monitor tire data and take preventive action ahead of blowouts and locate inventory quickly when needed.

Manage and locate your inventory easily by adding tire specifications – manufacturer, model, size, and serial number – into the web-based tire intake form. Then, track tread status, storage locations, and vehicle assignments of tires throughout their lifespan. As your equipment hauls and loads, use TireMax to monitor pressure, temperature, or work rate. Based on these data-driven observations, you know when to redistribute equipment to lighter haul routes that induce less wear and tear on your tires.  

Monitor Tire Condition — in Real-Time

TireMax monitors tire condition, minute-by-minute. TireMax monitors pressures and temperatures, and calculates TKPH of your tires, so you can follow their condition in real time. Monitor your top tire parameters to determine wear and tear and eliminate unplanned failures.

Find Every Tire Instantly — with a Click

Tires frequently go missing at busy mine sites. TireMax tracks the location of every tire on site — on a truck, in the shop, or at the scrapyard. Never hunt aimlessly for a stray tire again.

Master Your Inventory — with Ease

Never worry about running low on essential tire models. TireMax maintains up-to-date records that let you forecast tire usage, plan upcoming orders, and manage your supply chain.

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