Dynamic Dispatch works in two stages. First, it runs your mine’s parameters through our dispatching algorithm to produce a schedule for your trucks and shovels. Then, it sends assignments to your fleet to best execute this schedule. The service draws on your mine’s own data stored in WencoDB, so plans always match your specific requirements. Choose a configuration that shrinks your haul cycle time, reduces the number of trucks needed, shortens wait time, produces more material, or pursues a different goal entirely. Dispatchers see a projection of the mine’s output and can make adjustments as needed. Schedules update on a regular basis to stay current with equipment availability and changes to the mine site. Any scheduling issues prompt alerts to keep your staff informed.

With Dynamic Dispatch, you can optimize your haul cycle for a range of priorities. Maximize production by keeping your trucks and shovels in balance. Reduce cycle times by using the shortest road between shovels and dump sites. Improve ore grades by sending trucks to the right locations. Our service takes control of your mine dispatching so your whole operation works together, using equipment to its fullest.

Trucks and shovels form the core of your mining operation. Dynamic Dispatch lets them meet their potential.

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