Optimal routes every time

The moment your vehicles start to move, PitNav appears on their onboard touchscreens. Operators then simply follow the responsive turn indicators until they arrive at their assigned shovels, dumps, or tie-down locations. Directions update in real-time as PitNav detects new routes that allow equipment to travel with greater efficiency.

Use Optimal Routes, Always.

Advanced GPS-based navigation searches for route congestion, blast delays, and other obstacles to streamlined travel. PitNav then redirects vehicles to alternate paths, conserving hundreds of hours of uptime each year.

Safer Driving — Rain or Shine.

Avoid site hazards by excluding equipment from specific GPS coordinates. PitNav navigates around these areas, keeping operators and equipment safe — even in poor lighting or weather conditions.

Heightened Situational Awareness.

In-cab clutter can prove distracting to operators. Merging navigation and KPIs onto one screen strengthens the situational awareness of site personnel for superior safety and efficiency.

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Whitepaper: Technology convergence and interface design for increased situational awareness

Learn how data convergence and user interface considerations on machine operator interfaces can increase situational awareness — for improved productivity and safety.

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