Stay safe with Advanced Collision Avoidance

The risk of vehicle collision still remains a constant threat, even in today’s mining environments. Wenco V2X proximity awareness gives mines early, reliable proximity detection, so they continue to operate as safely as possible.

Turn Near Misses into Non-Events

Wenco V2X uses scenario risk logic to protect equipment working in close proximity. It sorts hazardous scenarios from ordinary safe operation, reducing distractions due to false alarms.

Alerts Drivers Can Trust

Wenco V2X delivers precise and reliable alerts by leveraging contextual data from other components of the Wenco Mine Performance Suite. Together, they offer increased system accuracy for even stronger hazard detection.

Constant Communication for Constant Safety

Wenco V2X uses peer-to-peer communications that eliminate any delays caused by sending data through a server. Operators always stay safe — even without network connectivity or a direct view of oncoming hazards.

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