Get More Out of Your Mine

Learn how technology can help you get more from your mine – more payloads and production, longer equipment life, and better safety. With less downtime and unnecessary cost.

Boost Production

Learn how mines like Assarel-Medet Copper work with Wenco to increase mined material by as much as 16% year on year.

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Decrease Costs

Learn how mines work with Wenco to deliver more ore with lower cost per ton.

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Extend Equipment Life

Learn how mines are getting more life and availability from equipment while decreasing component costs and unplanned downtime.

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Gain Insights

Learn how to bring together mine operations and maintenance data to gain better insights, identify root causes, and make decisions with ease.

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Total mine performance at your fingertips

Wencomine fleet management streamlines equipment assignment, payload control, and dispatch, helping you get more out of your mine.

Wenco offers tight integration to help you move dispatch with the control, insight, and awareness you need to reduce costs, improve safety, and sustain profitability across your operation.

Your Mine, Managed.

Trucks off-route? Engine overspeeds? Payload compliance? Handle them all and more, thanks to Wencomine’s real-time data. Get moment-by-moment updates that keep your mine on target.

Control with a Click.

Gain full control of every truck, shovel, and auxiliary unit through Wencomine’s drag-and-drop interface. Switch assignments, examine reports, and respond to OEM alerts. It’s as easy as clicking a button.

Decisions that Make a Difference.

Dig into any KPI — wait times, cycle times, payload weights, availability, grade quality, and more. With that knowledge, make decisions that reset your standards for mine performance.

Watch How Wencomine Unlocks Your Mine's Performance

View this video to learn how Wencomine improves your operation’s ability to reduce costs, extend equipment life, and increase productivity.

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Contractor, small mine, or quarry? You need a powerful yet agile solution that won’t break the bank.

Get Wencolite — a dedicated solution for small mines, contractors, and quarries. Lots of power with less deployment cost and complexity.

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A full suite of mine performance solutions

Dispatch Automation

This hands-free dispatching service fine-tunes your fleet management system to decrease waits and boost payloads — automatically.

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High-Precision Machine Guidance

Build, dig, and survey to plan with BenchManager's centimetre-level machine guidance.

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System 6 Mapping

Sneak Preview: The most revolutionary updates coming in Wenco System 6

The wait is almost over. Our latest version of the Wenco Mine Performance Suite — Wenco System 6 — has gone into beta testing. Soon, our customers will finally...

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NEWS: Wenco and Oxbotica sign MOU on developing Open Autonomy solutionRead More