Better mine performance.

Wencolite fleet management streamlines equipment assignment, payload compliance, dispatch, equipment health monitoring, and more. Helping you get more out of your mine or quarry for a more productive and even safer operation.

Visibility and Control in Your Hand.

In the pit or the office, desktop and handheld devices with Wencolite Production Manager software give you a real-time site map that includes roads, dump locations, truck activity, equipment statuses, safety zones, key infrastructure, and more. Gain full control of every truck, shovel, and auxiliary unit. Switch assignments, dump locations, update safety zones, and message operators.

Valuable Insights and Better Performance.

Powerful and user-friendly reporting and production playback features offer supervisors actionable insights from day-to-day operations data. Continuous improvement isn't just for the big guys anymore.

Grow Without Limits.

What happens if my operation grows? Wencolite's open architecture and an upgrade path to Wencomine enables contractors, quarries, and small mines to migrate or add large mine solutions as their needs change, without replacing current technology.

Read our brochure to learn more about Wencolite and how it can improve performance at your small mine or quarry.

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